Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goodbye Mr.Cell
Goodbye Mr.Cell
My true love is missing
Oh where could he be
Could he be drowning,
Deep down, in the washer machinery?

So close we once were
And today he's now gone
If only I got forewarning
A goodbye, maybe a ring-tone song

I'm so sorry, Mr.Cell
So sad you must be
For I neglected you, left you alone
But you were hiding, and she didn't see

When she submerged you under
Soapy suds, and warm water
Your life was sucked from you
It took five minutes, no longer

Will you forgive me Mr.Cell
As I lay you to rest
By my side you'll no longer be
Maybe it's all for the best

For buried along with you,
Will be all of those voices
Those constant phone calls
Creating unnerving stressors and choices

Take care Mr.Cell
As sad as this may be
Saying goodbye to you
Will all turn out happily

For you've helped me in life
You've been by my side,
Now March 13th, will go down
As the day that you died!


Beka and Bill said...

Love this Cuz! Very Creative!!

Melanie said...

Goodbye Mr. Cell! Sorry you had to leave the way you did. RIP

Unknown said...

awh i thought i was the love of your life.. :'-(