Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some really great saying I've heard over the past...

I've finally realized that being a role model doesn't mean people are encouraged to be like me -- they're encouraged to go out and be more of themselves.

If you knew me yesterday, please do not think that I am the same person that you are meeting today. I have experienced more of life, I have encountered new depths in those I love, I have suffered and prayed, and I am different

"In you I found the power to be strong
I found a reason to belong
I found how great a love can be
I found me"

***God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

I hope you just don't act like you still care so that you will have someone to fall back on when she walks away. And she will walk away. Not every girl is going to love you as much as I did. And fight for you as much as I did. Remember that when you don't have anyone else left to turn to. So just realize that sooner or later…you're going to be the one missing out and I'm not going to be there to pick up the pieces when your world falls apart ...

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand

In life God does not give you the people you want. He gives you the people you need ; to teach you, to hurt you, to love you, to make you laugh...to make you exactly the person you should be

You have to stand for what you believe in. And sometimes you have to stand alone

There are moments in our lives where we find ourselves at a crossroads. Afraid, confused, without a roadmap. The choices we make in those moments can define the rest of our days. Of course, when faced with the unknown, most of us choose to turn around and go back. But once in a while, people push on to something better, something found just beyond the pain of going it alone, and just beyond the bravery and courage it takes to let someone in,or give someone a second chance,something beyond the quiet persistence of a dream… because it's only when you're tested, that you discover who you are, that you discover who you can be. The person you can be does exist, beyond the hard work, faith, belief, and beyond the heartache, and fear of what lies ahead. That's the person God wants you to be.