Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good times!!!! Yes, today has been a very good day. Actually, I am so excited about it that I am going to the library just so I can dive into piles and piles of school work!!!! HA.... Right, exactly! Just like I said... excitement.
Actually, it has been raining most of today, cold, what does Ange do on those days??? She finds amazing people to make life interesting, and gets off campus for awhile. YES!!!Amen!!

Anyway...I have officially gone off my rocker I think.... be aware everyone, I am doing phone-a-thon tonight. (lucky me), so I may be calling your house.. He..He..He!!! Yikes. Please DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE.. I repeat, do not answer!!! I do not like doing this. =)

Have a great and wonderful day!!! Be happy!!


Gladys Hatch said...

Hi Cuz,
looks like you are having tons of fun in Cinci! I had an awesome time when I was there too!!!!
Study hard for the boards cuz!!! Oh and if your too bored or cool on campus come see us today in PA. Its 93 and humid here~ and the guys are planning on Hershey Park Saturday! Have a great one~ luv ya!!! Vicki