Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today was our school picnic at the Winton Woods park! Boy, was it hot!! These pictures here are only a few of the pictures from the day of some of my friends. So, just hang on, someday there may be more posted on here. =) You never know!!
Anyway, I had a really great time, playing volleyball, getting beaten by Donnie in the bean bag game....and paddle boating.

We have also been having Revival out here at church with Dr.Brown this past week. God has just been working here, especially in my life, as I seek and have drawn closer to him. The theme of the revival was "Hungry for Holiness". I really have appreciated the presence of God in each one of these services, and then also in some of the discussions we have had afterwards at Perkins. God is so good!!!

This next week is probably going to be really busy for me as I try to get caught up on work that was put aside so that I could go to revival. Oh... and also, sleep is something else I need. Ha... Yikes..lack of sleep and Ang gets cranky. =)

Well that's the update out here. I hope everyone is doing well....
Until next time........


Melanie said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun!! I enjoyed all of your new pictures.

I love your new header too. Beautiful!