Friday, December 21, 2007

I thought I would share some very exciting news!!! Hold on a minute while I whoop and jump and holler!!! (Yes, quiet Ang can do that) I won't keep you in suspense anymore!! So.... I PASSED MY BOARDS!!!! Yea, I know several of you have been asking when I was taking them. And my famous response was.."oh you know...they're coming" =). Well actually, yes I did take them on Wednesday morning, and after I was through with them, I had the unbearable gut feeling that - oh know I failed. I have never been so sick to my stomach in my entire life. The moments and hours afterwards waiting for the results were VERY stressful. Thoughts of eating, or sleeping were out of the question. In fact... I still haven't been to sleep yet today and it is officially 1:35pm the next day.

Lets see, if I had to write a nurses' note on myself, I'd have to say.... Patients condition finally stable. She states" I've had information overload, tremors throughout all extremities, diaphoresis and nauseous spells. I can't eat, sleep, and l've had loss of concentration." (subjective data =) ) Patient re-hydrated. Given some candy (yum) and cheesecake. Told that she passed her nursing boards. Patients condition did a 360. She is currently jumping up and down, whooping, and is seen with a rather large grin on her face. Need MD to sign for discharge and followup for celebration.

God truly is wonderful and good!! I guess with all my worrying and fretting, I failed to fully trust God with my test. I thank Him for showing me that I still matter to Him - regardless of what I go through. If He has called me somewhere, He will provide the way for me to get there.
I also praise Him for sending me those few people who have showed me support, encouragement, and have believed in my every step of the way. (Thanks to you guys)

Okay, well did someone say vacation??? I am OFFICIaLLY on break. Officially FREE.. Officially on my way to moving on with my life. Yes!!!!!!

ANNNNDD, it's Christmas time!!! =)


Ike said...

Good Job, Ange!
See, I told you that you'd do just fine!

Jenn said...

Good job!!! Congrats to you!! Call me when you get back into Cincinnati. We're still on for Sunday dinner, right? Oh and Meridith can come too.

Beka and Bill said...

Yay!!! Congratulations cuz!! That is awesome!! Need to celebrate with some ham & pineapple pizza?? hehehe!