Friday, February 01, 2008

Well, maybe its a good time to sit down a blog for a minute. The room is dark, all the lights are off, and I have settled in for my long winters nap. HA! Some would call me "granny". I just call myself , one tired little girl who needs to close her eyes and be taken away to a place she can forget all that has happened this week and just recoop. Relax.

Ahh...except, wait, what am I talking about? That is never possible around here. Why? Because once you drift off into what you THINK may be the land of nod, let me remind you that you will hear the familar sounds of " BANG...Boom...AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh or thomping of feet up and down the hall way." Thats when I lay here, gripping my covers, silently pleading that God would provide me with the grace to deal with them outside.

Anyway... So it is the weekend...finally.. And after being awake for 21 hrs, I have made it so far through this day only breaking down once. So after coming in tonight, I was greeted with a group of my friends who were anxiously awaiting to give me the " ride" around the fountain in a rickity ol computer chair.
Did I take them up on it?? ...... yah, I did! After some pleading and convincing from Isaac, saying, "Ang just think, you'll be able to say after tonight... do you remember the time we raced around the GBS fountain on those chairs?" I gave in and...had the ride of my life, from Mr.Sam. =) Yes, this trip is deeply implanted into my memory. Especially... Ahh look out for the tree..or Stepssss...or... thinking, ahhhhh am I going to stop? Haha... What a blistfully cold, exciting night. =) (This random act of entertainment helped me to realize the cool people who truly will do have ANYTHING to have fun. )

Goodnight one and all!!


Sam said...

Oh yes! That was sooo much fun. (chair racing) and I am surprised to make it into your blog. im proud of that accomplishment. Hehe. much fun!