Wednesday, July 09, 2008


They released me today- on good behavior. Yes, I spent eight and a half hours in the confines of this small room, with about 15 other people. Scheduled breaks and a little ol' Sargent who forgot what is like to sit on a hard chair listening to someone drone on and on.

Good behavior. Yes, I was on good behavior!! So at 430, I was released only on one condition- I have to go back tomorrow and repeat the whole routine all over again.... Yikes...For 5 days!!!

The joys of starting a new job. Orientation is what they call it.

I started my full-time job today on the brain-injury unit at SunnyView Rehab Hospital.

We'll see how it goes. Will let you know if I need bail money...

Going to bed. I feel like an ol' lady who needs sleep... zzzzz



Aimee said...

That comic is just too cute! Im sorry to make things worse for you.. but you might have wanted to hold on to that pic for a lil while... this is just the begining!

Either way, I know you will be great. It all takes practice and time. I still have many rough days.=-/ Its called work!

Sam said...

Wowzers. Well, I like the fact that you're working in a brain injury unit. It and weird at the same time.

Hang in there.