Saturday, June 07, 2008

The most recent change......

I am back in NY now for the month. I drove home with my car all packed, not telling anyone I was coming. As I made my journey back, I struggled with several different emotions and questions about the direction my life is going. . My questions have not all be answered, but as I wake up each and every day, I am trying to remind myself that if I honor God, He will honor me.
So that is what I am doing for the meantime...
To all those back at my "Cincinnati Home," I miss you all like crazy. As I sit out on the back porch in the evenings, I listen to the crickets sing their songs, and the cows moo their moo-ings. Their company just does not match up to yours.

To my boy, this will only be a short time away. Know that I am your Tater,

and if there is ever a time when you just break out in a grin for no reason,

just know that it is probably me - thinking of you. Work hard on your house. See you soon!!!!
I am trying to keep my mind occupied as much as possible. As I wonder if I have strength for this new journey, I am reminded that it is only through the journey that God will provide me the strength that I need. That if I continue to submit to Him, my life will become more like Him.
See everyone soon.... (yes here...and there)


Beka and Bill said...

Cool!! We can't wait for a chance to get to see you!!!!!!