Saturday, June 21, 2008

I love going on road trips!! By myself! Just picking up and going, leaving everything behind. I went to PA for the weekend, which is something I really needed - some fun, some relaxation, and some re-filling of my emotional cup... Which was getting quite empty. (Yikes)... I am beginning to think that whenever I'm at that point again in my life, a nice LOOONG road trip, with just God and I is the perfect medecine.

So, let me share a few of the things I experienced while I went and visited my cousins and their boys.

I have learned - a few, if not MANY new little things from Lucas and Caleb.

1. Caleb - There is no such thing as TOO many hugs and kisses.

2. Lucas - I must learn to watch my glass of water, unless I want it sitting up-side-down in my lap.

3. Lucas and Caleb - It takes both of them on one side of a teter-totter, to balance my side out.

4. Lucas - pressing the "big circle" button on x-box controller?? REALLY fast at the beginning of your race gives you a jump- head start.

5 - ME - NEVER go outside in your PJ's Lucas in search of Ange, because you never know where she will be hiding.... WITH A HOSE!!!!!!!! =)

( I have learned lots more, but.... here, I will just share some of my pictures with you.)


Sarah said...

the pictures are cool! I miss you We need to take a road trip sometime

Beka and Bill said...

Hey looks like you had lots of fun with the cousins!!!! Very Cool!! Yeah wouldn't Hershey be a grand place to live!!! Mmmmm Chocolate!!

The Maka Family said...

awww...miss ya too ANge! Come and visit WHENEVER you wanna! My door is always open! Hope you are having a wonderful summer!