Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ok, these post will be out of order, I think - but you'll get the picture =)

This is Lil Caleb and I hangin like little monkeys. As you can see, I think he's beginning in training for "chin ups". I just take the easy way and flip my feet up. Forget all that arm muscle!!

I think here, we were in the middle of a game of tag, you're it! Somehow, I was "it" almost all the time. Hmmm... We're how things work out like that.

This is oh-so-cool!!! Two little boys, equal my weight. Almost!! I think they enjoyed this a little too much, bouncing way down to the bottom, flying me up in the air. ( I almost feared for my life, thinking they both would jump off and really send me flying to the stars.... well.. wait.. I guess it would be the opposite... I'd go flat down into the mulch.... )
We found a Mulberry tree here at the park. The boys and Vicki ate and ate and ate. Me? I just climbed trees, and watched caleb pick the berries, put them in his mouth then spit them back out. (That's my kind of kid... haha)