Monday, July 30, 2007


Hey guys,
Sorry I have been a bit behind in updating this over the last month or so. Things have been a bit intense and stressfull as of lately. So hey..bare with me.
Anyway, here are some pictures of my most recent happenings - birthday and on.
Speaking of my birthday, I just wanted to throw out a big thanks to my amazing friends who threw me the little celebration involving Pizza bread... Mmmmm' mmm. If anyone wants to win over my heart...there ya go. =).. Haha. No just kidding. But it's a plus... =) Thanks again Guys!!
From there, a group of us went to Vermontville Camp and undured the vertical hike of Baker Mountain... =) ( hey hey, it wasn't as bad as others I have been on ... (cough cough.. "Ang, just focus on the next tree" = ) ) We had a good time tho- I did anyway =).HA!!
So hey, that's what has been happening recently...!!! Enjoy!!