Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ahh, I love this weather! It feels like home to me!! The brisk chill that turns your nose pink, and your breath becomes visable. AHHH.. I LOVE IT!! What made things better was walking outside and seeing the little snow flurries scurrying around in the breeze. Just think, God made each one of those snow flakes - all completly different, with a purpose - to make life beautiful!

We put our tree up the other day. Well, not my tree (that will come soon), but the tree and decorations in the lounge. It makes me want to curl up by the fire, with some ginger and spice cookies..and SNUGGLE... Awh. I love it. This time of year, being around people I care about the most.

Okay, enough about my rantings. I am really looking forward to seeing my groupie from home. It's about time someone comes to visit me from home. =) Just kidding.. I will be home in December....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Trunk and Treat is what they call it. We created a safe, outreach ministry for anyone who was trick or treating on Halloween. We made a lot of contacts through this, while enjoying time together as a group.
These are just some of the picturees from Wed. night that I thought I would share. Afterwards, since us GBS'ers had special privledges =) and didn't have curfew until late, we went out to eat, never wasting a minute of our special time given to us. You realize after awhile, that if you are given time take it. =) Jk - no it's great here.