Sunday, August 12, 2007

We have a future nurse here...who cannot find her own heartbeat.. (Um..I think that could be a problem..) =)

Random pictures....again..from gratuation!

Aimee received an award.

Graduation from Nursing School!!!!! (Phew!!)

Some pictures from graduation night... =)

Pre- graduation pictures...

Ash, Aimee and I were baptized tonight, Wednesday August 8, 2007. We were among about 15 others...

Here we are, the nursing class of '07. After a very sleepless night, and a nauseating morning, awaiting our grades, we all - but one, made it. This luncheon was at the Brunswick Country club in honor of putting a lot of hard work into classes over the last year.

These were taken at Cousins' Jon and Leah wedding. Sorry that I didn't really take to many other pictures. You'll have to look at one of the other family links to get that update =)... I sort've slacked at my job...oops.