Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have not blogged in over a year now, but I have continued to think about this "tree" in my last post. Here is just a few simple thoughts that have played over and over in my mind and have taught me several lessons.

What do you see when you look at this tree? It's ugly right? Looks like it has lost everything off of its' branches. Shouldn't it be cut down and removed from life? Many of us probably would think that. I mean, what good is an ugly barren tree?
Lately I have compared myself to this picture. What good am I?? What use can I be to God? I am empty, and feel rather ugly.

Life has its' seasons. To those that think this tree looks hopeless need to be reminded of something. I needed the reminder. What I see, sometimes, tends to be completly different than what God sees. When I see a lonly, ugly tree, God sees a tree that in time, in another season will be beautiful and blooming!

To everything there is a season. I have learned that the greater the challenge that I go through, the greater the future is for me. It is best to quit focusing on what is happening around me, and start focusing on where I am going.

In His timing is best....Just a thought - Every setback is just a setup for a greater comeback.

Learning to trust Him!