Sunday, February 24, 2008

The only place with snow!!! - And there, you will find me. =) Wow, I have finally gave in, and made an update on my blog. Phew..!!

Have you ever had a day where you've thought to yourself... I wonder what it'd be like just to spend the day on the slopes...think about nothing else, and just feel the adreneline and fresh air rush right by you?? I have that feeling just about every day. Perfect North has become my little "happy place" where I get away from school and sort out many of life's wonderful issues. It's also been my source of entertainment during those days where you just need to have a good laugh. As I've watched many of times from the lift, poor pathetic new beginners have made the goal of their day - to go down "center stage" . Now if any of you know what that is like, that is , by far, not a beginners course. But, some have quite the determination. In fact, some have a little too much. They WILL go down center stage whether is has to be on their butt, their face, or going head over heels at full speed until they come to a complete stop. In most of these cases, yes the body has made it down the slope, but their skis, and poles are somewhere scattered at the top. HaHa. Those poor, cold, determined souls do not realize that they are not only putting themselves in danger, but everyone around them also. But hey, they WILL accomplish their goal.

So, break has started and I've kind of just been hanging a bit low. I was thinking the other day, how I wasn't able to go home. And I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. But then, it was almost as if God said to me, Ange - there are so many times that you are so busy, classes become the priority, and you fail to spend time with me. I miss my time with you. So, I have decided to take this break, take what I have learned so far in classes, and just ponder over it with my Father. There's also been many of issies in which I have yet to dig through. Sometimes I think to myself.... what if people are following me?? Is the life I am living honoring God? Is He pleased with the decisions I make?? Am I walking a straight enough line? Someone said something to me awhile back that I think applies here. They said - " You cannot plow a straight line, if you're always looking back." whoofmp!! That's exactly what I have been doing...looking back...focusing on my past...limiting what God wants to do in my life NOW...and in the future. I pray as I am sowing my seeds, God will just help me to focus forward. To focus my faith in Him and know that when I can't see where He is working in my life, I can trust that He knows what He is doing.

Well that is it for today. The sun is shining, I've just had a great, yummy sunday meal, and there's snow flakes dancing around outside. What could be better!!?!

Happy Sunday!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well, I this little urge to share something that I heard in todays sermon. The scripture was taken from Exodus, talking about the 'Process of time'. Meredith was talking about how those that plant orange bushels for crop tend to pick them too early, resulting in the taste of the fruit being not as rich as it could be. It would be rich if only the fruit were left to truly ripen until it's peak. then picked. The way that I understood this, was that God truly has a plan for my life. Not only may I have to go through some situations that are uncomfortable, or painful or situations in which I may have to turn around so that the Son can shine on my other side, but I am only being 'ripened' for what God really has for me. Sometimes I feel like things should happen like I want them, I should see answers to my questions now, I should see God working ( its frustrating). But, today, I finally stopped to consider just how perfect God's timing is. It is in the process of time, or in the fullness of time that I will learn to grow, to lean on , and to trust my God until I am at my peak. Until I can be plucked from the tree and placed where God wants me. "God will pluck those when they are at their peak."

" God cannot be bound by time, but is also not absent of time either." I think many times I constrain God to a time when I want things done. But I don't realize that just because I am not seeing what I WANT to see, doesn't mean God isn't working.

So, how will I apply what I have heard to my life? Applying this means that I need to work on my patience. God is ripening me for something special. Something specifically he wants to do in my life. Will it be easy waiting? No. But as I hang on and hold tight to my Anchor, God will see me through. It is in the waiting and ripening that I will become more like Him.

I hope this encourages someone. I know it's helped me today.

Goodnight.... Hello to everyone from home!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Well, maybe its a good time to sit down a blog for a minute. The room is dark, all the lights are off, and I have settled in for my long winters nap. HA! Some would call me "granny". I just call myself , one tired little girl who needs to close her eyes and be taken away to a place she can forget all that has happened this week and just recoop. Relax.

Ahh...except, wait, what am I talking about? That is never possible around here. Why? Because once you drift off into what you THINK may be the land of nod, let me remind you that you will hear the familar sounds of " BANG...Boom...AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh or thomping of feet up and down the hall way." Thats when I lay here, gripping my covers, silently pleading that God would provide me with the grace to deal with them outside.

Anyway... So it is the weekend...finally.. And after being awake for 21 hrs, I have made it so far through this day only breaking down once. So after coming in tonight, I was greeted with a group of my friends who were anxiously awaiting to give me the " ride" around the fountain in a rickity ol computer chair.
Did I take them up on it?? ...... yah, I did! After some pleading and convincing from Isaac, saying, "Ang just think, you'll be able to say after tonight... do you remember the time we raced around the GBS fountain on those chairs?" I gave in and...had the ride of my life, from Mr.Sam. =) Yes, this trip is deeply implanted into my memory. Especially... Ahh look out for the tree..or Stepssss...or... thinking, ahhhhh am I going to stop? Haha... What a blistfully cold, exciting night. =) (This random act of entertainment helped me to realize the cool people who truly will do have ANYTHING to have fun. )

Goodnight one and all!!