Wednesday, July 09, 2008


They released me today- on good behavior. Yes, I spent eight and a half hours in the confines of this small room, with about 15 other people. Scheduled breaks and a little ol' Sargent who forgot what is like to sit on a hard chair listening to someone drone on and on.

Good behavior. Yes, I was on good behavior!! So at 430, I was released only on one condition- I have to go back tomorrow and repeat the whole routine all over again.... Yikes...For 5 days!!!

The joys of starting a new job. Orientation is what they call it.

I started my full-time job today on the brain-injury unit at SunnyView Rehab Hospital.

We'll see how it goes. Will let you know if I need bail money...

Going to bed. I feel like an ol' lady who needs sleep... zzzzz