Tuesday, September 08, 2009

~A dose of good laughter is always the best!~

Many of what you will see here are all posted on facebook, but since a lot of them have some privacy settings added to them I decided to post them on here as well so those who cannot access them there, can here.

Fireworks, friends, boating and a good dose of laughter about sums up my Labor Day weekend. Here are some pictures:

This is the KY side of the river. We were standing on the Cincinnati side but this pic just gives you an idea of the "mob" of people that were there.
After staking out our spot for over 3 hours,
we were able to meet several new people.
Its a good thing my roomie was with us or else our spot would have been stolen. She protected it pretty well.
 I think we are about ready for a little fun! We decided to go out with our good friend Ken on his boat and do a little water tubing in Brookville, IN.
In order for the rest of the group to go tubing, the boat had to be launched about 4 miles away. The boys here (Jesse Moke, Isaac Owens and Ken) decided that it was their job to launch while us girls waited on the beach. (How typical...)
Almost, almost...man! Jesse definately had some trouble getting onto the tube. After several attempts with me laughing on the boat, there was sucess.
Meg hesitated a bit doing this but found that afterwards this was very fun. (Can't you tell by the look on her face?) All that was heard was , Kelly: "Meg are you okay",  Meg: " Are we done yet? Just tell me we are done."   
We decided to play not "sand volleyball" but "MUD volleyball. =) As you can see, this is what it turned into.

This was a wonderful trip I must say. There is nothing better than a day filled with lots of laughter!

Or the reassurance from God, through his rainbow that He enjoys seeing His children laugh and have fun!