Friday, May 30, 2008

Free. Assured. Relaxed. Confident.

I've sat here within the confines of my room thinking and just reveling in the many promises that God has reminded me of these last few days. I've been a bit oblivious over the last couple months of the many little, but big things God has been doing in my life. I've struggled with being without work since I have been out here. Several times I have found myself giving into my fears, and my uncertainties, and letting the negative side of life win.

One thing that I have learned especially this week is that once you change your mindset in a particular area, you give God all the room to carry out His plan for your life. There was a certain situation I have been praying about for what seems like months now. I hadn't realize that my unwillingness to think about it differently or being bitter about it was putting a roadblock in my path. This week, I have just seen that HE is the one in control, not me. He knows what is best for me, not me. He understands my emotions, and knows how to comfort. He knows what I need. And I just want to thank Him for that. 

Onto some other new things in my life. I have started nannying this week for two little adorable kids. Caden(4) and Emerson (11 months) Caden definitely keeps me on my feet, while Emerson is always into EVERYTHING!! She even eats the dog food. I have to keep a very close eye on her. If it isn't Caden driving his car around, running over her fingers, then it is Caden throwing his bouncy ball around "playing soccer" , knocking down all the picture frames. Boys will be boys, wherever and whenever they can be.  I have fun doing it though, but I definitely leave exhausted. 

Well, that is a little update on my end. Caden keeps asking when I will be taking him to the zoo. I almost feel like telling him... buddy, I am at the zoo right now... you little monkey! =)

Off to Indianapolis later !!! =)