Saturday, June 21, 2008

I have officially decided that this is where I would like to reside for the rest of my life. Mmmm', YES!! Did someone say chocolate??? I'd say this place was built specifically for me. It has my name written ALL over it.

They even have the perfect street that I will be living on. Seriously, think about it. A house with chocolate fountains in the front yard... hershey kisses for my lamp posts...yes I can picture it now... =)

Ok, I am officially a factory worker here... I promise!! The guy welcomed me to the job and said to show up at 4am sharp!! Actually, I think this was the shortest job I've ever had, because I told him asap, that I quit.. Actualy, it all started off with my picture being taken for an I.D . Then, I and the boys had to wait in line. As I watched the process of things, and what everyone else had to do, I cringed inside asking myself what I had gotten into. But, there was no backing out!! Lucas kept forcing me forward, repeating " I will give you 2.50 if you do this with me. So, like a big kid, I let go of being 22, and joined in with the kids.

First, you got a container, that you filled up with hershey kisses. Then you turned around to face this guy who led you through one of the most embarassing "dances/jigs/making monkey noises. I felt so incredibly STUPID... He's was like... "hold your container in your hand... lets give it a chocolate swirl.....lets give it a choco shake.... lets give it a disco... lets give it a spin around... behind your legs... between your legs (yea, I had a skirt on)...... now, lastly lets give it a gorilla something...... a big kisss and send it off and away...

( I don't know how exactly the stupid thing went. But I sure felt DUMB... haha
Mmmmm' I LOVE these!!!!!!!!! Yes!!! I would love to have a closet full of these. Yummy!!!

Just thought I'd hang out a bit - this was quite comfortable for awhile, until one of the cousins thought it would be humerous to start whipping me with a tree branch... (ahem, no names)

So, I know we aren't supposed to adorn ourselves with costly array, or focus on our outside bodies, but does dying your feetsies purple count???

More pickin' and more pickin'.... Poor Caleb. I think he was a bit vertically challenged.

Ok, these post will be out of order, I think - but you'll get the picture =)

This is Lil Caleb and I hangin like little monkeys. As you can see, I think he's beginning in training for "chin ups". I just take the easy way and flip my feet up. Forget all that arm muscle!!

I think here, we were in the middle of a game of tag, you're it! Somehow, I was "it" almost all the time. Hmmm... We're how things work out like that.

This is oh-so-cool!!! Two little boys, equal my weight. Almost!! I think they enjoyed this a little too much, bouncing way down to the bottom, flying me up in the air. ( I almost feared for my life, thinking they both would jump off and really send me flying to the stars.... well.. wait.. I guess it would be the opposite... I'd go flat down into the mulch.... )
We found a Mulberry tree here at the park. The boys and Vicki ate and ate and ate. Me? I just climbed trees, and watched caleb pick the berries, put them in his mouth then spit them back out. (That's my kind of kid... haha)

I love going on road trips!! By myself! Just picking up and going, leaving everything behind. I went to PA for the weekend, which is something I really needed - some fun, some relaxation, and some re-filling of my emotional cup... Which was getting quite empty. (Yikes)... I am beginning to think that whenever I'm at that point again in my life, a nice LOOONG road trip, with just God and I is the perfect medecine.

So, let me share a few of the things I experienced while I went and visited my cousins and their boys.

I have learned - a few, if not MANY new little things from Lucas and Caleb.

1. Caleb - There is no such thing as TOO many hugs and kisses.

2. Lucas - I must learn to watch my glass of water, unless I want it sitting up-side-down in my lap.

3. Lucas and Caleb - It takes both of them on one side of a teter-totter, to balance my side out.

4. Lucas - pressing the "big circle" button on x-box controller?? REALLY fast at the beginning of your race gives you a jump- head start.

5 - ME - NEVER go outside in your PJ's Lucas in search of Ange, because you never know where she will be hiding.... WITH A HOSE!!!!!!!! =)

( I have learned lots more, but.... here, I will just share some of my pictures with you.)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The most recent change......

I am back in NY now for the month. I drove home with my car all packed, not telling anyone I was coming. As I made my journey back, I struggled with several different emotions and questions about the direction my life is going. . My questions have not all be answered, but as I wake up each and every day, I am trying to remind myself that if I honor God, He will honor me.
So that is what I am doing for the meantime...
To all those back at my "Cincinnati Home," I miss you all like crazy. As I sit out on the back porch in the evenings, I listen to the crickets sing their songs, and the cows moo their moo-ings. Their company just does not match up to yours.

To my boy, this will only be a short time away. Know that I am your Tater,

and if there is ever a time when you just break out in a grin for no reason,

just know that it is probably me - thinking of you. Work hard on your house. See you soon!!!!
I am trying to keep my mind occupied as much as possible. As I wonder if I have strength for this new journey, I am reminded that it is only through the journey that God will provide me the strength that I need. That if I continue to submit to Him, my life will become more like Him.
See everyone soon.... (yes here...and there)