Friday, February 05, 2010

Today, I am encouraged and revitalized by knowing that God has shown me mercy and has poured out His grace towards me even though I do not deserve such gifts. Why does He continue to this, day in and day out? Who am I that He yearns to pay so close attention to? He yearns to be my comforter, my leader, and most of all my friend. I am reminded of a quote by Dr.Lunden that I heard in a message years ago that says, " God loves ME as if there is no one else in the world to love, and that alone makes me special. "  Thank you God that you remain a gracious and heavenly Father that pours out endless doses of your mercy and love!

Today, I am reminded that even in my best days, I am never beyond the need of God's grace!


wolfwatcher said...

WOOT!!!!That is sweet goodness Angie!!! Im so glad to hear it! What a blessing it is when we feel His grace and love! He is awesome beyond belief! We cant comprehend why He does as you say to any of us!!! Were all so messed up! But He loves us, you are so loved Ange!

Aimee said...

It's amazing to see God work through you, Ange! We can feel safe in the Arms of God, and through HIS Grace and Mercy shown to us, we can be comforted!

So, if for nothing else... you have been brought through some times in your life, that have helped you to see this on more of a personal level.

Sarah said...

I love that quote! Thanks Ange